Special Purpose Machines

The globally competitive scenario has made it imperative for companies in the Heavy & Special Purpose engineering equipment manufacturing space to introduce greater degrees of reliability and precision in the products manufactured.

Infinite Science Technologies offerings in the heavy engineering space span the entire manufacturing life-cycle. We boast of in-depth expertise across the entire scale of requirements of the heavy engineering industry including design, automation, engineering, analysis and product development.

Infinite Science Technologies diverse line of services and clear understanding of each customer’s engineering needs, help differentiate us in the marketplace. Our Special Purpose machinery domain is comprised of experts with extensive knowledge in mechanical engineering. Our innovative and frugal engineering approach helps organizations create products, at a faster pace with a lower cost.

Product Design:
• Concept design, styling, packaging, detail design to manufacturing drawings.
• New Product Design.
• Product Design & Development.
• Product Detailing.
• Product Customization Geometric design and tolerance.
• Detail Engineering.
• New Product Introduction- Launch.
• Complete Art-to-Part process.
• Engineering Change Management.

Tools, Body & Structures:
• Sheet Metal Tool Design.
• Jigs and Fixtures.
• Plastic Mold Design.
• Upper & Under Structure.
• Welding Design Attachments.
• Powertrain, Chassis, Telescopic Boom.

Hydraulic, Electrical & Embedded Systems:
• Schematic Design.
• Routing & Piping Design.
• Component & Connector Design.
• Wiring Harness.
• Hydraulic Sizing & Selection.
• Hardware, Firmware & Software Design.
• Verification & Validation.

Analysis and Simulation:
• Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
• Under-hood Computational.
• Structural, Durability & NVH.
• HVAC Analysis Meshing & Finite Element Modelling.
• Thermal Analysis.
• Hydraulics, Dynamics & Control.
• Modal Analysis.

Manufacturing Engineering:
• Tool & Die Design.
• Plant Automation.
• Digital Simulation.
• Jigs / Fixture Design.
• Line Balancing.

Benchmarking & Value Engineering:
• Design Optimization.
• Should- Cost Analysis.
• Tear Down.
• Comparative Product Analysis.
• Cost Reduction.
• Standardization.
Reverse Engineering:
• 3D Scanned data to CAD Model and Production Drawing.
• 2D Scanning to Profile Creation.
• 3D Metrology (3D Inspection).

Engineering CAD Capabilities:
• Detailed development of structural design from concepts.
• Design of large structures as per standards and codes.
• Design of joints/fabrication process and manufacturing engineering support.
• Design of jigs/fixture and special working holding devices for large fabrication.
• Preparation of intermediate procurement.
• Assembly sequence animation and CBT's.
• Generation of General Arrangement, fabrication, manufacturing drawings and BOM.

Engineering CAE Capabilities:
• Analysis of large structures for Wind, Snow and Seismic loading conditions.
• Validation of large structures as per standard code calculations.
• Failure mode analysis and what-if scenarios.
• Modal, Fatigue and Durability analysis.
• Calculation of safety compliance of structures for codes like ASME, DIN, EN etc.
• Large Fluid Structural analysis.
• Weld joint analysis.
• Analysis for Vacuum and pressure conditions for vacuum and pressure vessels.
• Weight reduction and optimization for structures.
• Static, buckling, non-linear, dynamic, impact, explosive, thermal and other applicable analysis.
• Analysis for transportation loads and lifting conditions.