Rail Vehicle Metro Trains

Infinite Science Technologies deliver creative engineering solutions for; Rail Vehicle, Metro, and Trains Industry. We offer industrial design, engineering design, engineering analysis, interior/exterior design and ergonomics within a single integrated design approach. Our clients include mass transit authorities, train operators, vehicle manufacturers and component manufacturers to the rail vehicle industry around the world.

Manual concept renderings are created at an early stage of a project to give a flavour of things to come. Innovative interior and exterior designs are then developed by an experienced engineering design department.

3D CAD models are then illustrated and animated creating photo-realistic evaluation of all materials, ambience and colour schemes. Once the design is approved, 3D FE structural analysis and CAD prototype models are produced. This data is then used to create fully representative mock ups and prototypes and ultimately for tooling and manufacture.

A] Engineering Services:
Infinite Science Technologies offer a range of services, which can be combined to form a single-source design and development programme:

• Industrial Design
• Engineering Design and Analysis
• Ergonomics

• Understanding the needs of customers and users.

• Innovative ideas and creative designs for competitive new products.

• Design sketches and illustrations.
• Evaluation decision matrix.
• Ergonomic models.
• Feasibility studies.
• Exploded views.

• Effective communication of ideas speeds introduction to market.
• Photo-realistic ray-trace renderings.
• 3D CAD animated walk-through videos.

• Chassis design.
• Body design
• Powertrain.
• Product Design Expertise.
• Electrical & Electronics System design.

Models and Prototypes:
• Testing and approval of proposed designs.
• 2D prototype drawings.
• 2D CAD layout drawings.
• 3D CAD concept models.
• 3D CAD data.
• Scale models.
• Full size mock-ups.
• Prototype build.
• Components.
• Prototype testing.
• Production drawings.
• Manuals and documentation.

Development & Analysis:
• Engineering development, analysis and refinement of forms.
• Design Detailing and Drafting.
• Form and surface development.
• 3D CAD models.
• FE stress analysis.
• Dynamic and vibration analysis.
• Design for manufacture.
• Sourcing and cost estimation.
• Design for manufacture and assembly.
• Design for maintenance.

B] Exterior Design:
Infinite Science Technologies delivers creative exterior design solutions for rail vehicles, verification are categorized in following main groups.

Innovative Concepts:
• Manual concept renderings are created during the early stages of a design project, to develop ideas quickly and efficiently.

• Innovative exterior designs are developed into 3D CAD models by an experienced engineering design team.
• The exterior forms of the vehicle are developed in 3D.

Photo-realistic Images:
• The CAD models are rendered to create photo-realistic images of the vehicle, showing alternative color schemes, finishes, livery and branding.

Engineering Design:
• Exterior structure design &development.
• Exterior structure CAE analysis.
• 3D CAD exterior model.
• Cab exterior engineering design.
• Cab exterior panelling design.
• Exterior scale model.

Exterior Lighting Design:
• Headlamp systems.
• Headlamp assemblies.
• Exterior lighting systems design.

C] Interior Design:
Infinite Science Technologies delivers creative interiordesign solutions for rail vehicles, verification are categorized in following main groups.

Innovative and Practical Design:
• Produce interior designs for new build and refurbishment, from concepts through to manufacturing drawings and 3D CAD data.

Interior Colour, Finishes, Floor and Textile Design:
• Interior Finishes colour schemes and textile design.
• Alternative interior design concepts.
• Carpets, Textiles& floor covering.

Layout Design:
• Passenger capacity, fast boarding and alighting.
• Seats Structure.
• Seating Arrangement.

Interior Lighting Design:
• LED lighting, lifecycle cost studies and the effects of lighting colour temperature.
• Interior lighting systems assemblies & structure.

Interior Component Design:
• Design of seating, the demands of accommodating peak systems.
• Tables, Chairs and interior panel systems.
• Handrails.
• Passenger information systems.
• Partitions and fire walls.
• Label sets.
• Luggage racks.

Engineering Design:
• Interior structure design & development.
• Interior structure CAE analysis.
• 3D CAD Interior model.
• Cab Interior engineering design.
• Cab Interior panelling design.
• Interior scale model.

Refurbishment Design:
• Modern spacious and safe interior.
• Interior panels, moulded panels & hinged panels.
• Washrooms &Toilets.
• Infotainment displays
• Driver’s cab interiors
• Interior panel systems
• Door leaves
• Detrainment devices
• Driver’s consoles

We are shaping the transport of the future worldwide, in an innovative and customer-friendly way.