Plant Design

Infinite Science Technologies offers a full range of multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy services for plant design or scaling-up of existing plants or plant modifications.

Infinite Science Technologies offers end to end solutions covering concept design to product realization and support through product life cycle including major subsystems.

A] Basic Engineering:
• Cost Estimates
• Process Data Sheets
• Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
• Technical Specification
• Process Design Basis
• Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
• Utility Summary
• Equipment List
• Control Logic Philosophy

B] Front End Engineering Design (FEED):
• Foundation Drawings
• Construction Drawings
• Fabrication Drawings
• Conceptual Design
• Process Design
• Control Design
• Automation Design
• Safety Design
• Environmental Design

C] Equipment Engineering:
• Preparation of drawings as per Basic Engineering & FEED requirement
• Layout of equipment with sections and elevations
• Provide specifications / standards for all equipment and machinery
• Finalize agreed specification / standards for equipment/machinery
• Review/approval of drawings/documents

D] Mechanical Design:
• Mechanical Design Basis
• Provision of final agreed specification/standards
• Enquiry specifications & datasheets
• Design of all equipment
• Design calculations & drawings for vessels
• Technical Bid Analysis
• Preparation of detailed technical specifications

E] MEP Design:
• Heating and cooling equipment selection
• Heating and cooling system schematic design
• Construction & Shop fabrication Drawings
• Heat loss and/ or gain calculations
• Plant room layout design
• Fire protection system design as per Standard
• Bill of material for entire project

F] Electrical Design:
• Preliminary Single Line Diagram (SLD)
• Design and Drafting of Lighting Systems & Lux level calculations
• Design and Drafting of Power Distribution Systems
• Design and Drafting of Fire Protection Systems
• Electrical Site Plans
• Electrical Panel Schedules
• Electrical Power and Lighting System Plans
• Electrical Diagrams/ Layouts in Industries
• Access Control/ CCTV/ Telecommunication/ System Integration/ PA Systems
• Layouts for lighting showing lighting fixtures, emergency lighting, etc.
• Conduit layout drawing & designs
• Load Flow calculation & Short circuit analysis
• Electrical Load List
• Preparation of single line diagrams and typical control schematic drives
• Cable Layouts & BOQ
• Preparation of area classifications drawings
• Preparation of illumination layout drawings
• Preparation of cathodic protection system
• Sub-station layout plans
• Equipment sizing & specifications
• Preparation of technical specifications/data sheets
• Technical Bid Analysis
• Bill of material generation
• Vendor Document Review

G] Instrumentation & Control:
• Controls & instrumentation system design
• Control Logic
• Instruments index and specifications for field instruments and accessories
• Control room layout and control panel GA drawings etc
• Selection of Instrumentation & Control System
• Interlocks and protection specs design
• Instrument index
• Control System specifications
• Technical Bid Analysis
• Cable Layouts & BOQ
• Hook-up & Loop Diagrams
• Vendor Document Review
• Factory Acceptance Test
• Control system scheme design
• Measurement loop diagrams
• Designing of electronic mimic panel, surveillance camera and monitoring system
• Calculation of total electrical load for Instrumentation systems and design of suitable UPS
• Technical specifications/data sheets for all equipment and review/approval of vendor's
• Instrument sizing, specifications & Data sheets
• Instrument layout drawings, cable schedule, and interconnection diagrams
• Instrument installation standards and erection specifications

I] Civil/Structural:
• Civil / Structural Design Basis
• Economic planning of layout of all the facilities
• Development of design criteria for all civil, structural and architectural works
• Detailed Planning, analysis, and design of all the structures, facilities
• Statutory documents for approval
• Preparation of Tenders & Evaluation
• Detailed drawings for RCC and Steel structures
• Foundation design & drawings
• Design of pavements, Potable water supply system
• Design & drawings - Roads, Culverts, Trenches, Storm water drains etc.
• Detailed Fabrication drawings (Steel)
• Process buildings
• Generator buildings
• Utility blocks
• Substations
• Control Rooms
• Non-Plant buildings

J] 3D Plant Modelling:
• Presentation of computer animated 3D Walkthrough model
• Process flow concept as per Basic Engineering & FEED
• Design visualization of entire plant layout