PLM services

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management):
   Infinite Science Technologies, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services are focused on helping companies build better products, define better processes, and reduce costs along the way. Our PLM domain expertise involves:

• PLM SCAN & 4D Process Consulting
• Data Migration Services
• Knowledge Management Platform
• Implementation Services
• Product Data Management
• Data Validation Services
• Systems Integration
• Application Development

PLM Services:
  Infinite Science Technologies PLM practice offers a comprehensive suite of services:

A] Product Data Management (PDM):
  Infinite Science Technologies specializes in implementing off-the-shelf and tailored product data management (PDM) systems that ensure all stakeholders in the product development value-chain, are working with the most accurate and up-to-date data, supported by efficient, user-friendly process automation tools. We offer installation, customization, training, and support for PDM products from industry-leading PDM software partners, ENOVIA and Siemens PLM. Our PDM solutions include:

• Installation, configuration and deployment of top-shelf PDM software products including SmarTeam, CATIA, ENOVIA and Teamcenter.
• Electronic vaults to control configuration, revisions and security.
• Multi-disciplinary product documentation and bills of materials.
• Infinite Science Technologies-designed data models for “quick-start” PDM initiatives.
• Seamless integration with all leading CAD systems.
• Process automation via customized PDM system functions.
• Data migration strategies and services.
• Multi-site architectures and deployment.
• Comprehensive supply-chain integration solutions and support.
• Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and legacy systems.

B] PLM Integration:

  Infinite Science Technologies has been integrating key PLM elements for many suppliers to the different verticals industries. We are having experts from a broad swath of the PLM landscape together to integrate the elements of change you need to take your business to the next level by leading with processes created to optimizebest-in-class processes covering engineering and design, PLM, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

• Empowering People
  Organizational alignment and delivery excellence from executive sponsors and stakeholders, to project and team management and technical resources.
• Managing Data
  Current product data and legacy application data available to everyone, all the time.
• Leveraging Technology
  Featuring off-the-shelf PLM applications from vendors, as well as, seamless integration with enterprise IT solutions.
• Rightsizing Infrastructure
  Data, application and web servers, clients, connectivity and security to support cost-effective operation of you PLM system. The Infinite Science Technologies approach to PLM implementation includes:
    • Process optimization.
    • Technology road map creation and implementation management.
    • PLM implementation services.
    • Change management.
    • Knowledge management services.
    • Custom software development.
    • Ongoing support.

C] Knowledge Based Engineering:
    Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) systems enable businesses to automate more processes and reuse design information. Our KBE services include:
• Analysis of product development processes.
• Installation, customization, and configuration KBE applications.
• Implementation of KBE applications that accept the image of data in various formats, including CAD data, spreadsheets, databases, and legacy programs.
• Product data entry into the KBE system.
• Demonstration of how to access and reuse data.
• User training to demonstrate rule writing and generative model design.
• 24/7 support from Helpdesk.

D] Products Programs & Development:
    Infinite Science Technologies takes the better approach in Product Programs & Development through their, program timing, process development, knowledge capture, go-to-market innovations, design distinction, product quality and cost savings.
• Engagement of third party vendors in styling, benchmarking and manufacturing
• Increased quality and deliverables according to milestone definitions in accelerated timeframes
• A development community united via a dedicated knowledge based engineering department
• Complete single source program management
• Procurement and Supply Chain
• Product engineering
• Packaging
• Styling

E] Application Development:
    Infinite Science leverage industry-best application development and database integration experience to create software solutions for individual business needs. Our broad range of development services includes introducing new software into existing infrastructures, or integrating out-of-the-box and custom software with legacy systems. Infinite Science Technologies significantly reduces development costs and risks through world-class consultation and management services, from business process analysis to software testing. We provide cost-effective application development services to our global client. We provide PLM application development services across the full technology landscape, including:
• CAD application development (CATIA, NX, Inventor)
• PDM customization and extension (ENOVIA, Teamcenter)
• Custom database development (Oracle, DB2, SQL)
• Web-based application development (J2EE, XML)
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and legacy systems integration

F] 4D Process:
Infinite Science Technologies, 4D Process Consulting expertise work closely with companies to discover their needs and create tailored PLM solutions. After the PLM systems have been implemented, we provide all the necessary training and support to ensure that new tools and processes are adopted effectively for the long term.

4D Process Consulting consists of four distinct phases. Some key characteristics are:
• Examination of the unique challenges for each customer and creating PLM solutions on a case-by-case basis.
• Careful analysis of company’s processes and working with every step of the way until the customized PLM solution is in place. This analysis defines which technology and process changes will be integrated into the new PLM system.
• Wide-ranging knowledge management and training services to PLM end users and engineers.
• 24/7 support via IT SUPPORT and Helpdesk.

Benefits of 4D Process:
• 4D Process Consulting emphasizes being able to measure return on investment when implementing PLM systems.
• This type of detailed analysis of a company’s processes and technology exposes any challenges and opportunities to be addressed in the PLM solution.
• Prioritization of the unique business requirements in order to create customized PLM solutions.
• 4D Process Consulting avoids scope creep and unrealistic expectations through thorough planning during the definition phase.
• 4D Process Consulting provides training and support for PLM system users. This ensures that businesses utilize PLM systems effectively in the long term.