The Oil and Gas utilities industry is experiencing a significant growth phase, increasing the need for capable talent to support its expansion. Infinite Science Technologies provides engineering services through diversified solutions to help companies succeed in today’s environment.

Infinite Science Technologies robust technology, knowledge-based approach and dedication to quality and safety allow us to provide innovative solutions to every part of the oil and gas industry. Our multidisciplinary engineering capabilities, driven by our domain expertise and highly experienced and qualified engineers, support us to build our strength and capabilities in following operations:

A] Basic Design and Detail Engineering:
Following are the points of Oil &Gas vertical Basic Design and Detail Engineering scenario;

i) Basic Engineering Design:
• Design feasibility study
• P & Ids from system specification
• Pipe sizing
• Alternate material and valve specification
• Pressure loss calculation for fluid systems
• HVAC system and Calculations
• Design feasibility study
• Basic design review and drawing appraisal
• Layouts and general arrangements
• Class approval
• Stress analysis for pipe systems

ii) Equipment Design:
• Equipment selection
• Technical Specifications
• Prepare Tender Document for Purchase
• Design & Detailed Engineering of Rotating Equipment
• Equipment selection
• Data Sheets
• 3-D Modelling
• Vendor drawing review
• Inspection & Testing Support
• Pre-Commissioning Assistance
• Evaluations of offers received & recommendations
• As built Engineering or Review Engineering
• Engineering Documentation

B] Piping Design & Engineering:
Following are the points of Oil & Gas vertical Piping Engineering scenario;

i) Piping and outfitting:
• System piping and installation drawings
• Welding traceability, NDTS and Test packs
• Piping arrangement drawings
• Pipe stress analysis and pipe support details
• Piping Isometric drawings
• Support structure like foundations and hangers
• Built in tank and portable tank design
• Material Take Off (MTO) / Bill Of Materials (BOM)
• Spool drawings (fabrication drawings)
• Test pack documentation
• Design audits and reviews
ii) Process Piping Design Engineering Services:
• Development of Piping Arrangement Drawings
• Preparation of Isometric Drawings
• Design & Analysis of Pipe bridges racks and supports
• Preparation of Piping Material Classification & Specifications
• Performing Technical feasibility studies and Piping Layouts
• Piping Layout & Pipe routing drawings for above and U/G piping
• Material take-off preparation
• 3D plant Modeling using PDMS

iii) Special Requirements Design:
• Fabrication drawings for super structures for the plants
• Pipe racks, Cable racks and Equipment racks
• Structures for Towers, Reactors and Furnaces
• Access ways and ladders for the Towers, Furnaces and Reactors

C] Structural Design & Engineering:
Following are the points of Oil &Gas vertical Structural Design & Engineering scenario;

• Preparation of Design Basis document
• Structural Analysis Reports
• Pre-forming Structural analysis and code check
• Preparation of General Arrangement Drawings
• Fabrication drawings and BOM
• Load calculations and Load combinations
• Connection Design and Anchor bolts
• As Built Drawings
• Foundation loads
• 3D layout generation and interface check

D] Mechanical Design & Engineering:
Following are the points of Oil &Gas vertical Mechanical Design & Engineering scenario;

• Design and Development
• Mechanical Layout and General outline drawings
• Design Standardization
• Tool Design
• Reverse Engineering
• BOM Creation
• Detailed Engineering
• Design Automation
• Sustenance Engineering
• Modeling & Detailing

E] CAE Analysis:
Following are the points of Oil &Gas vertical CAE Analysis scenario;

• Static Analysis
• Thermal Analysis
• Vibration Analysis
• Non Linear Analysis
• Non Linear Contact Analysis
• FE Modelling
• Explicit Analysis
• Transient Analysis
• Coupled Field Analysis
• Fatigue Analysis
• Crack Propagation

F] Documentation:
Following are the points of Oil &Gas vertical Documentation details;

• User Manuals
• Operational Manuals
• Field service Manuals
• Quick start Guides
• Technical References
• Design Documents
• White papers
• Test plans and reports
• Release notes
• Graphical simulations
• Instructor Guide
• User and Technical Documentation