Off Highway / Road & Agricultural Vehicles

Increased economic activity and global population growth has led to rising demand for construction, agriculture, mining and material handling equipment. While demand in China and other emerging markets continue to dominate the global construction equipment industry, the growth in developed markets is also expected to remain high. Further smaller farm operations have pushed demand for equipment which can be used on smaller tractors and vehicles.

Our Expertise segments are:
• Agricultural Equipment
• Earth Moving Equipment
• Forestry Equipment
• Lawn Movers
• Construction Equipment
• Mining Equipment
• Material Handling Equipment

Infinite Science Technologies are aware about challenges faced by off road vehicle customers, we support their Engineering Design team with cost effective engineering design, CAD/CAE services & solutions in short and long term; which helps them in innovative design and quick project execution with low cost, good quality & standard.

Product Development:
• Base Engine Design
• Hydraulic System Design
• System design and Analysis
• Structural and CFD Simulations
• Material Selection
• Track Drive System Augers
• Critical Components Design
• Chassis, Body, Boom and Arms
• Casting, Cabling and Piping routing
• CAB and Interiors design
• Performance and Durability testing

Adaptive Manufacturing Engineering:
• Design Detailing and Drafting
• CAD Conversions
• Fixture and Tooling Design
• Virtual Assembly Line
• Digital manufacturing
• Test rig design
• Reverse Engineering
• Competitive Benchmarking
• 2-D and 3-D Modeling
• Documentation/Translations
• Animations
• Technical Writing

A] Off Highway Vehicles CAD – Design:
• Design & Development from conceptualization to manufacturing drawings. Including selection / integration & packaging of suitable Diesel Engine, Gear transmission system, Braking & control systems etc.
• Powertrain component
• Transmission and Gear Box component
• Structural engineering component
• Auxiliary device and accessories
• Cab Design
• Design of hood from concept to production drawing.
• Reverse engineering of parts & assembly.
• Design of operator cabin structure for fork lift.
• CAD data conversion of crawler assembly & parts.
• CAD data conversion of several parts & assembly.

B] Off Highway Vehicles CAE – Design Analysis:
• Finite Element Analysis Force Analysis
• Kinematic Simulation Interference check / Analysis Envelope Analysis
• Field Failure Analysis
• Force Analysis
• Linear and Non Linear Analysis
• Thermo-Mechanical Analysis
• Durability Fatigue, Fracture/Crack Analysis.
• Finite Element Analysis of Attachments