Interface Development

C & C++ Interfaces
• Reader for Nastran BDF, DAT, F06 and OP2 files.
• Ansys CDB and RST file reader.
• Abaqus ODB file reader.
• Integration projects developed using CATIA CAA V5.

Other Interfaces
• Extraction of Post-Process data from Ansys using Ansys Parametric Design Language(APDL) and Tcl/Tk script.
• Manipulation of extracted data using CPPTCL.(CPPTCL is an API used for communication between C++ and Tcl/Tk script).
• Interface between Ansys Workbench and other software products using Ansys Software Development ToolKit(C# language)
• Nastran, Abaqus, Adams and Ls-Dyna interface with third party software’s.
• Plug-In development and scripting for CATIA V6, ProE, Unigraphics and Solidworks.
• Interface development for Optimization software’s.
• Development projects for 1D Simulation software products like AMESim and Dymola using Modelica language, MATLAB and Simulink.
• Embedding Python/Ruby/TclTk interpreters in C++ software applications.
• Integration of various CAD and CAE applications using native API of applications and/or Software Development Toolkits.

Sample Project
In this project, a plug-in RSTINFO is added in Toolbar. The selected RST file is loaded in Mechanical APDL and result information is extracted using APDL and Tcl/Tk script. And then the extracted information is manipulated with the help of CPPTCL API as per client requirement.