Graphics Development

• Selection and highlighting of Nodes and Elements with mouse.
• Node/Element Id display on mouse hover.
• Element Material Data, Element Type display on selection with mouse.
• Lighting variations for manual checking of mesh quality.

• Viewer for FEA and CFD solver result files.
• Graphical XY Plot to enhance post processing capability.
• Vector Plot for rendering Magnitude and Direction of vector results(eg. Displacement, Forces, etc.)
• Rendering Models in Solid, Wireframe, Transparent and in Sliced mode.
• Animation of Model deformation according to TimeSteps or Frequency depending on Solution type.
• Dynamic change of XY Plot for a particular Node/Element corresponding to Model deformation.
• Software application development using QT and VTK toolkits.

Sample Projects
1. This CAE Viewer project is developed using C++, OpenGL and wxWidgets. wxWidgets is preferred for its cross-platform support and its ability to provide native platform look and feel, since it uses specific platform's native API's.

2. The project shown below is XY Plot developed for post processing FEA results data. The image displays the screenshot of XY Plot for Stress-Strain values.