About Infinite Science Technologies Engineering Vertical:

Engineering is an art of applying mathematics, science and practical evidence, to build convenient applications and products for the society. Over the period of various eras, engineering has evolved systematically in various branches depending on the field of application, such as mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, computers, etc. Depending on the approach used techniques such as CAD, CAM, CAE, FEA, Numerical modelling have developed.

At Infinite Science, we cover wide spectrum of engineering services in design and manufacturing, using diverse technologies, products and tools. We believe in forward-thinking solutions using engineering concepts and technologies, to create more value for our customers. We give a keen eye to the quality and profitability of our customers. We believe in stable and long lasting relationships, wherein the rapport and understanding each other gives an added edge to cater to fast-paced competitive business environment. Together we form a larger force and thus have a stable and firm footing in the market.

At Infinite Science, we give engineering design services in automobile, aerospace, shipping, piping and other domains. We also cater to engineering software testing and have expertise in Finite element modelling, Finite difference methods and many other numerical methods which are the backbone of the engineering software. Having these expertise, we extend our support in engineering software development, using the state of art development technologies.

Infinite Science Technologies Engineering Expertise:

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