Engineering Software Development

Infinite Science Technologies helps engineering software products to attain their full potential. Infinite Science's innovative but calculated approach in solving problems elevates the product to the next level of its growth curve. To maintain your products competitive edge, we strive to deliver the robust output well within the speculated time. We strike a balance between the Product Innovation and Cost Constraints exceeding the expectation of our customers.

Our expertise in CAD/CAE development and Engineering services is spread across an array of industries which includes.
• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Energy
• Robotics
• Construction
• Heavy industries, etc.

Infinite Science Technology is associated with companies working on multiple disciplines like
• CAD Software Product Development Companies.
• CAE Software Product Development Companies.
• CAM Software Product Development Companies.
• Defence projects.
• OEM's in Aerospace Industries.
• Avionics Software Product Development Companies.
• Aerospace Component Manufacturers.
• OEM's in Automotive Industries.
• Automotive Parts suppliers.
• Heavy Engineering.
• Construction Machinery Manufacturers.
• Robotics.
• Energy Industries.

Software Development:
Software Development has been the key strength since the inception of our company. We make it possible for our customers to do business better by reducing time to market and cutting down R&D costs through our innovative working style. Infinite Science Technologies has worked on improving CAE domain knowledge and software development skills of our employees from time to time. As of now our team's development activity is concentrated on specific areas of CAD/CAE development such as
• Interface Development
• CAD/CAE Customization
• Algorithm Design and Development
• Graphics Development

We have the ability to develop individual modules and complete product in the above mentioned specific CAE areas. We have also worked on large scale data, high performance computing, multithreaded program development and distributed processing.
The code we deliver to our customers in reviewed by domain experts and is subjected to multiple phases of testing. Software Development in Infinite Science Technologies strictly follows the common phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) like
• Requirement Analysis
• Design Process
• Implementation Process
• Testing Process
• Evolution Process