CAE services

A] Meshing

Infinite Science offers meshing service for FEA, CFD, Boundary Element, etc. You can either provide CAD data as a starting point or allow us to generate both the underlying geometry & the mesh, including parametric studies if required. We can also modify existing meshes to improve quality or accommodate changes in geometry.

All types of structured & unstructured meshes can be generated, from shells to tetrahedral & hexahedral elements. The completed mesh can be exported in a solver format of your choice, including stringent checks on the mesh quality. As with our other FEA & CFD services, all meshing projects are undertaken in line with our customer specified quality standard.

Typical Meshing applications and services include:

• Extensive Solver Support:
Meshes can be exported to desired FEA & CFD codes, including NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, FLUENT, STAR-CD & ANSYS CFX.

• Geometry Healing:
We can fix geometry errors & our patch-independent meshing tools ensure that the final mesh is not affected by cracks, holes & thin slivers.

• Surfacing / Midplane Extraction:
Solid model meshing of "thin" parts is generally not suitable for accurate FEA. Powerful midplane extraction capabilities, including variable thickness, enable us to generate superior shell element assemblies.

• 100% Pure or Hybrid Meshes:
100% hexahedral meshes can be generated for demanding FEA & CFD applications. Hybrid meshing is available for mixed tetrahedral/hexahedral element structures and also the use of boundary layer prisms in CFD.

• Mesh Morphing:
We can morph your original mesh to improve quality and generate rapid shape changes while retaining the existing connectivity & boundary conditions.

• STL/Faceted Surface Handling:
Faceted surface data, as commonly obtained from scanning & rapid prototyping applications, can be cleaned up & meshed with solid or surface elements as required.


B] Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computerized method for predicting how a product reacts to real-world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow, and other physical effects. Finite element analysis shows whether a product will break, wear out, or work the way it was designed.

Our Finite element analysis (FEA) includes:
1) Structure Stress Analysis
    a) FEA Linear/Nonlinear Analysis
        - Geometric Nonlinear (Large strain, large deflection, etc.)
        - Material Nonlinear (plasticity, viscoelasticity, hyper elasticity, etc.)
        - Contact Nonlinear (friction)
    b) FEA Static stress Analysis
    c) FEA Dynamic Analysis
        - Transient Impact Analysis
        - Modal Analysis
        - Random Vibration Analysis
        - Harmonic Analysis
        - Spectrum Stress Analysis
        - Fracture Analysis
    d) FEA Buckling Analysis
    e) FEA Fatigue Analysis
    f) FEA Structure Stress Analysis

2) Thermal Stress FEA Analysis Services
    a) Steady State Analysis
    b) Transient Analysis
    c) Conduction Analysis
    d) Convection Analysis
    e) Radiation Analysis
    f) Phase Change Analysis

3) Electromagnetics FEA Services
    a) Low Frequency Stress Analysis
    b) High Frequency Stress Analysis


C] Moldflow Analysis

Infinite Science Technologies Mold flow Analysis services includes:

    - Injection Molding
    - Gas Injection Molding
    - Blow Molding
    - Warpage and shrinkage analysis
    - Filling analysis.
    - Cooling analysis.
    - Predict and solve injection molding manufacturing problems.
    - Optimization of part and mold designs and recommendations for improvement.
    - Optimization of feed system – balancing of flow.
    - Optimization of molding process – selection of optimum process parameters.
    - Quickly check the manufacturability of plastic part design.
    - Optimization heat extraction.
    - Trouble shooting of problems in existing molds.
    - Productivity improvements.


D] Computational Fluid Dynamics

Infinite Science Technologies CFD Analysis services includes:

    - Steady and Transient flows CFD analysis
    - Imcompressible and Compressible flows CFD services
    - Laminar and Turbulent flows CFD simulation
    - Chemical Reactions CFD analysis
    - Heat Transfers (Convection, Conduction and Radiation)
    - Newtonian and Non-Newtonian flows
    - Mass Transfers
    - Buoyancy and Rotation
    - Distributed Resistances
    - Free Surface Flows and Cavitation
    - Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows
    - Multiple Streams
    - Unstructured Meshes
    - All-tetrahedral Meshes
    - Dynamic Cell Addition/Deletion
    - Multiple Rotation Zones
    - Embedded Refinement
    - Sliding Interfaces


E] Multibody Dynamic Analysis

    1) Rigid body analysis
    2) Flexible body analysis
    3) Vehicle dynamics
    4) Vehicle systems
        - Suspension
        - Steering
        - Driveline
        - Braking
        - Tire modeling
    5) Tracked vehicles
    6) Chain drives
    7) Engine simulation
    8) Landing Gear
    9) Gear Design

F] Buckling Analysis

    - Linear buckling analysis
    - Non-linear buckling analysis
    - Buckling failure analysis
    - Modal, Frequency, Eigen buckling analysis
    - Weld evaluation and inspection

G] Fatigue Analysis

    - Failure Prediction Analysis
    - Cycle to Crack Formation
    - S-N Curves Analysis
    - Threshold Stress Intensity
    - High and Low Cycle Fatigue Analysis
    - Dynamic Tear Testing
    - Stress / Creep Rupture Analysis
    - Vibration Fatigue Analysis

H] Sheet Metal Forming Analysis

    - One step Simulation
    - Incremental Simulation
    - Feasibility Analysis
    - Progressive Die Stamping Simulation
    - Springback analysis
    - Thinning and wrinkage analysis
    - Hydroforming
    - Robustness
    - Sensitivity analysis

I] Other services

    - Material modeling
    - Numerical methods
    - Mathematical modeling
    - Interface development
    - Optimization

J] Automation

    - Customizations
    - Scripting
    - QTP
    - Selenium