CAD / CAE /CAM Customization

CAD Customization

• Pro-E and Unigrapgics customization.
• Customization projects in SolidWorks and AutoCAD Inventor using programming languages C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET etc.
• Design Automation in CAD software products.
• Customizing tools in CAD software’s.
• Development projects using SolidWorks API.
• Development projects using Unigraphics Knowledge Fusion.
• CATIA CAA RADE projects.
• Translators for CAD file formats like STEP, IGES ,DXF.

CAE Customization

• Process Automation in CAE software products.
• Hyperworks macro creation.
• Arithmetic operations and Automation in Ansys using APDL.
• Ansys Workbench customization using Ansys Software development ToolKit.
• Projects involving Msc Nastran ToolKit.
• Femap and NX Nastran projects.
• Creation of templates to automate post-process report generation.

CAM Customization

• Different machining strategies are provided in the platforms.
• Machining parameters are set according to the machining conditions (tools, materials, machining centres and parts' geometries).
• Usually machining strategies and parameters are determined by NC programmers' experiences.
• Inconsistent machining parameters and strategies for different NC programmers.
• Develop knowledge-based machining libraries which contain the information of the machining centers and cutting tools used by the customers.
• Use the libraries to assist NC programmers to determine optimal machining parameters.
• Integrate customers' machining strategies into the customized CAM module.