The automotive industry encompasses constant challenges to cater to the changing consumer preferences and economic fluctuations. OEMS have to constantly upgrade business models and in process improve the product cost and quality for better global existence and stability.
Infinite Science Technologies offers services to cater to the changing needs of the OEMs and deliver intelligent solutions for better cost effective product in minimum time duration.
Infinite Science Technologies offer a full range of engineering services in the Automotive Industry covering all the facets of vehicle development from Feasibility Study, Concept Design, Computer Aided Engineering, Prototyping, Testing, Vehicle Architecture and Integration and Manufacturing Engineering.

A] Product Design:
Our services cover all the facets of vehicle development including Concept Design, Proto Release, Prototyping / Testing, Serial Release and SOP.

Product Design Expertise:
• BIW And Closure Design
• Interior, Exterior And Trims Design
• Powertrain, Subsystem Design And Integration
• Chassis And Suspension, Subsystem Design And Integration

Engineering Expertise:
• Feasibility Study / Master Section
• Layout/DMU/ Packaging /Integration
• Tolerance Stack Up Analysis
• Part Sourcing And Localization
• Cost Analysis
• Design Automation / Optimization

• Body In White
• Closures

• Engine
• Cooling
• Air Intake
• Exhaust
• Fuel System
• Transmission

• Chassis Frame
• Suspension
• Steering
• Brakes

Interior / Exterior / Trims:
• IP And Console
• Garnish
• Headliner/ Pillar
• Bumper Fascia And Grille
• Mirror
• Seating

B] Vehicle Architecture and Integration:
Experience in Vehicle architecture development, virtual integration and validation of mechanical systems at the vehicle level.

Design Expertise:
• Architecture And Derivative Development
• Layout / Specification Development
• Packaging And Legal Checks
• Ergonomics
• Vehicle Integration
• Vehicle Structure
• Accessories

Engineering Expertise:
• Bench Marking / Feasibility Study
• Layout / DMU / Packaging /Integration
• Vehicle Structure, Durability, NVH, Safety, Dynamics, Aerodynamics

C] Computer Aided Engineering (CAE):
Infinite Science Technologies offer CAE services from component level to full vehicle level performance evaluation / enhancement for strength, stiffness, NVH, durability and fatigue life calculations.

CAE Expertise:
• Strength And Stiffness
• NVH And Durability
• Non-Linear
• Crashworthiness
• Safety – Seating, Occupant And Pedestrian
• Fatigue
• Aerodynamics – Interior And Exterior
• Topology Optimization
• Mold Flow And Forming Simulations
• Vehicle Dynamics

Domain Expertise:
• Homologation Support
• Performance Benchmarking For Crashworthiness / Safety For NCAP, Euro NCAP And JNCAP
• Performance Improvement Using HSS / Non Metallic Inserts
• Durability Assessment At Sub System And Full Car Level
• Non Linear Analyses Of Power Train And Transmission
• Optimization

D] Automotive Tooling:
Infinite Science Technologies provide manufacturing engineering solutions that enable clients to perform virtual Validation and Optimization of manufacturing systems prior to the actual production, helping them to reduce product realization cycle time and improve productivity.

• Process Planning
• Checking Fixtures
• Robotic Simulation
• System Layout
• Rack/Container Design
• Ergonomics Studies
• Costing
• NC Path Generation
• BIW Fixture Design
   - Concept Design
   - 3D Finish
   - Layout And Detailing
   - Welding Accessibility
   - Material Lists
   - Flame Cutting Details
   - Pneumatic Design