Algorithm Design & Development:

1. Mesh Isosurface Extraction
Animating or Transforming complete mesh for bulky models becomes challenging in Pre and Post Processors. Mesh Isosurface Extraction algorithm gives us the outer isosurface, thus increasing performance substantially during Animation, Transformation and other operations.
It involves,
• Octree Structure for partitioning mesh nodes into separate compartments.
• Marching Cubes algorithm for carving out the isosurfaces
• Perlin Noise algorithm provides the appropriate density values, which act as input for marching cubes.

2. Shrink Wrap Algorithm
Shrink Wrap is essential when a complex structural mesh is subjected to fluid analysis where the effect of small components has to be minimised. The amount to which the structural mesh has to be shrink wrapped is determined by a numerical value provided by the user.

3. Mid-Surface Extraction
Automatic Mid-Surface Extraction of complex 3d CAD models is crucial for reducing the time required for Pre-Processing, Solving and Post-Processing, thus improving the overall efficiency.

4. Batch Meshing Algorithm
In Pre-Processing, Batch Mesher substantially reduces the time required to create a quality mesh by automatic feature recognition, geometry clean up followed by meshing of CAD model(s). We can also get the cleaned up geometry apart from the finite element mesh as an intermediate file. A complete report on the documentation of batch meshing process is obtained.

5. CAD Geometry Algorithm
Basic and Advanced geometry related features development in 3D CAD/CAE applications. Isolated CAD and CAE algorithms for customer software applications are also developed enabling speedy release of the products into market.